My Offspring

My vision was to reduce the amount of time the kids watch YouTube videos. I encouraged them to create before they consume and so somehow the whole family started to upload videos on YouTube. Dad has now a successful channel with more than 13.000 subscribers and the girls assist here and their if possible. Did it reduce watch-time? Absolutely -


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A Family Book Project

While being at home 12-year-old Sofie and 5-year-old Stella tried to understand what a virus is and why there is so much fuzz about COVID-19. In doing so they had some good fun they would like to share with you.

Feel free to download our little eBook to learn about a Finlay-Muchacho and another few virus related things.

Research & Writing: Sofie

Illustrations: Stella

36 pages, Edition Trollsten,  2020.

Sofies World

Sofie is on Wordpress with MADAME JACKOLETTI Handy fashion tips to brighten up every day in style. She also enjoys to play the piano.

Stellas Space

Since visiting Bror Hjorth Hus in Uppsala, Stella is interested in becoming an artist. Enjoy her little Exhibition "Pre-School".

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Kikis Playground

Kiki is all about animals. First it was corocodiles, right now she is into dinosaurs. Looking forward to what comes next.

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